„Sector” with Award for Best 360° Film on 50 Sehsüchte Festival

It’s official! Sector – Film 360 with award in 360 section on 50 Sehsüchte Festival with 5000 Euros for production of the next projects! Thanks for all who support! Congratulations for the team: Wojtek Matejko , Rafał Iwański and Krzysztof Petkowicz ! And we are already half way finish in shooting next part – „Factor” with support of Lodz Film School.

I also want to share here my thank you words from ceremony:

„Hi, I’m Voytek, a student from the Doctoral School of Lodz Film School in Poland.Thanks organisers for the impressive 50 edition of the festival. This is very important to introduce beginners filmmakers, media creators, producers and educators into the film festival environment.Especially thank you for organising this in the corona era when we understand clearly how important life meetings of creators and audience are for building community.Thank you also 360 section organisers for selecting great films for this part of the festival. It really shows how varied this medium is, still to be explored and developed.Thank you for the award for Sector. We as creators and environmental activists hope that in this film we find balance between artistic expression and socially important message.Now we work on the second part of this project, named Factor, which will develop this style of presenting an environmental catastrophe message.We want to thank all who support us in making this project.”




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