„Fosforos” – Working With Waste Masterclass 2022

„Fosforos” – science poem

Me who is stardust
Me who is

Me who is dirt, a dust, of stars
Me who is carbon, primeval

I rise those words to you,
who was born in almighty light

Who has come down to Earth’s abyss
To be present, on Earth as in heavens

You so luminous, buried – to be resurrect
In all what lives on Earth

You source of life,
You who are giving us our daily bread


I direct my thoughts to you
In times of war, scarcity

You, excavated, manufactured and sold
You, now too expensive to get

Yet… you are always most precious
for those most humble, not useful

Each day I’m so carelessly getting rid of you
And forget about you

But you are always with me
I get you in my blood

So, I’m giving my offering of you
To those who need you most

primeval carbon

I rise
this words to you

I turn to you
with my thoughts

Without you
There is no life

Who is so precious
And life brining

Yet i am losing you
Each day

I’m getting rid of you
Like worthless

You who is always in me
Invisible, hidden

You whom absent
is absent of life itsel

I didn’t know
how much I needed you

I didn’t know how
important you were to me

You who were born
in supernova

You who are bringing life
from stars to Earth

You who are creating life



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